Monday, October 25, 2010

Things - those you all know.... I am Just repeating them in my own words.... its me Rahul Yadav

1. We all sent to the Earth to give an exam,a lengthy one. Troubles of the life are questions to solve and your experience from these troubles are the answers.
  But most us failed in this exam just because for us troubles are unfortunates and experience- We don't think about it.

2. "Every human has tremendous energy within him/her".
      As it's quite easy to write the above statement, but it is equally difficult to find and mould those hidden abilities. 

3. "I would love to be paralysed, if  by doing so I can Know the Universe as much as Stephen Hawking".

4. " No one can teach you better than the books, because book tells as YOU want, while teachers tell as THEY know ".

5. " Peoples call me Selfish if I won't care of them and Diplomatic if I use them , but I really don't know how they react if I use them carefully ".

6. " Always start from 1 , because it is the only digit which is straight".

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